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The Circle Body Type

Posted by Tacarra Hodges on

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If you tend to gain weight around your midsection, have thin limbs, and/or are pregnant your body type is characterized as a circle.

Styles to Avoid: 
You will avoid attire that draws attention to your midsection such as: high-rise pants, belts, and waist-cinching tops.

Styles to Embrace: 
Slim fit pants will highlight your trim legs. Be sure to wear a tunic or blousy top to complement the slim-cut pants. A shift dress is another option that conceals the stomach, especially when worn with tall heels. Tops that contain pleats, empire-waist designs, and voluminous sleeves also complement your figure. If this is your body type, check out the currently available Shop For You ensemble below in our separate sets collection that will flatteringly turn heads!

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